It’s time to make the right decision

We have created a system that provides full control of the business. You can subscribe to our system by monthly service bases. The choice is yours.

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Smart Rest’s benefits are:

Smart Rest’s benefits are:

✔ Smart Rest makes it possible to implement different transactions only by means of few clicks which as a result accelerates the pace of work.
✔ It has a beautiful and colorful interface which makes the working process more enjoyable.
✔ It helps to manage and monitor your business by seeing all transactions and reports online from all over the world where the Internet is available.
✔ It provides the ability to simultaneously combine the workflow of several restaurants and get an overall report for the whole network.
✔ All data’s of restaurant circulation are available on reliable, safe and privet servers which are accessible only for you.
✔ SmartRest is applicable both on equipment specially designed for restaurant business and ordinary PCs. It even allows the waiters to take the order via tablets or cell phones.

Equipment offerings

By your request we can provide professional and high quality equipment at affordable price and as soon as possible.

SmartRest tutorial

By choosing Smart Rest, our employees will present initial tutorials in order to get you completely ready to use the software; also we will provide you with the necessary writings.


By cooperating with us, you not only get the SmartRest software package but also free and full installment of the package as well as the necessary services if required.

SmartRest Software Package

SmartRest software package is being provide to you according to the characteristics and features of your business.


SmartRest business automation

SmartRest will fully automate your business. Automation will simplify and make any situation more reliable; also it will maximize the protection. SmartRest business automation


Personalized menu preparation

✔ Menu preparation only in 3 steps
✔ Calculation of dishes cost price
✔ Recipes easy adjustments

Flexible program for warehouses and products

✔ Purchased products entry
✔ Cost price calculations
✔ Categorizing warehouses
✔ Affixing Menus to corresponding warehouses
✔ Presenting the products near to finish
✔ Flexible program for exits of warehouses
✔ Inventory reports

Tools for simplifying the waiters work process

✔ Modern design
✔ Order acceptance while near to customer
✔ Sale calculation done by the waiter
✔ Evaluation of personnel performance
✔ Easy, approachable and clear usage

Convenient tools for personnel management

✔ Presence reports
✔ Salaries reports
✔ Opinions exchange about mentioned employee
✔ Evaluation of personnel performance
✔ Premium, debt and salaries payable amount calculator program

Comfortable control panel: You can see all the important information on one page

✔ How many personnel is present currently, their names and positions
✔ Which products are finishing in warehouse
✔ List of top rated products
✔ Current balance of cash desk
✔ Current number of occupied tables and their total bill amount


SmartRest will make your business management pleasant and convenient

Price List

  • SmartRest Server combination

    • Uninterrupted work even without internet connection
    • The ensures of database reliability and high security
    • Company-related data are stored within the organization

  • SmartRest Cloud combination

    • High reliability and security of cloud servers
    • The system is accessible from anywhere where there is internet
    • This method is applicable even without professional equipment and servers.

About Us


Smart Production Company is one of the leading companies of Armenia in IT sector.
We provide IT services and cooperates with well-known companies both in Armenia and abroad.
Our professional staff has an excellent knowledge of WordPress, Prestashop, MODX and Magento platforms. We provide innovative solutions to simplify the development process and reduce the risks. Our company uses a variety of methods while providing IT services, we choose the most convenient method for the cooperation depending on the demand. We appreciate our customers’ participation in the process and provide several options for final selection. We know that the best way to get what you want is to understand what you want. Thus, in order to understand the real needs of our customers and to fulfill their needs; also to make our cooperation more efficient and profitable, we provide technical forms which are drawn up based on ISO- 9001 criteria.
We also provide consulting services in order to fill the questionnaire and make the best decision.

It’s time to make the right decision

We have created a system that provides full control of the business. You can subscribe to our system by monthly service bases. The choice is yours.


  • SmartRestPartnerGrandParadise

    SmartRest’s official representative in Krasnodar territory of Russian Federation. Grand Paradise is a leading seaside hotel complex in Krasnodar.

  • SmartRestPartnerUnitech

    Unitech Company is a major supplier of SmartRest complex business processes, providing professional equipment.



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