SmartRest business automation

SmartRest will fully automate your business. Automation will simplify and make any situation more reliable; also it will maximize the protection. SmartRest business automation


Personalized menu preparation

✔ Menu preparation only in 3 steps
✔ Calculation of dishes cost price
✔ Recipes easy adjustments

Flexible program for warehouses and products

✔ Purchased products entry
✔ Cost price calculations
✔ Categorizing warehouses
✔ Affixing Menus to corresponding warehouses
✔ Presenting the products near to finish
✔ Flexible program for exits of warehouses
✔ Inventory reports

Tools for simplifying the waiters work process

✔ Modern design
✔ Order acceptance while near to customer
✔ Sale calculation done by the waiter
✔ Evaluation of personnel performance
✔ Easy, approachable and clear usage

Convenient tools for personnel management

✔ Presence reports
✔ Salaries reports
✔ Opinions exchange about mentioned employee
✔ Evaluation of personnel performance
✔ Premium, debt and salaries payable amount calculator program

Comfortable control panel: You can see all the important information on one page

✔ How many personnel is present currently, their names and positions
✔ Which products are finishing in warehouse
✔ List of top rated products
✔ Current balance of cash desk
✔ Current number of occupied tables and their total bill amount


SmartRest will make your business management pleasant and convenient